Actor Headshots Photography Tips 02

There is a big difference between an actor’s headshot which will be used in Spotlight or sent to casting directors, and an actor’s headshot for PR/promotional purposes like show programmes, press, posters.

For Spotlight or media professionsl the photo should be a pretty true representation – nothing fancy, some nice natural style light and a few natural expressions. I would direct you to get the very best expressions and positions and make sure you look amazing. The other type of shot (for PR use) can be as artistic and dramatic and powerful as you like, and its here that we would think about some interesting lighting, and poses and backgrounds.

Certainly if you are coming to me in my Brighton studio or on location, then as your headshot photographer I can advise you exactly how the image would best represent you, depending on the final use of the photo. Hey! That’s my job.

Danny Brighton creative musician headshot Brighton Photographers Sussex

Danny Bright - Creative headshot for press and PR use



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