Portrait of Sicily Photography

A few days away from being a busy Brighton photographer to work as a photographer in Sicily (part of a ‘Portrait Of Sicily’ campaign). I managed to grab a day here and there to do some hiking, see the old towns, swim in the sea (it was 30 degrees still!) and eat some amazing food. A week of part work – part holiday.

Sicily is a beautiful and fascinating island full of life and history and brilliant photography opportunities. And not to mention the whole food and wine fest!

More about the photos from the job at a later date when they are published but here are some personal images taken during the last few days.

Sicily Portrait Brighton Photographer 01

Sicily Portrait Brighton Photographer 02

Sicily Portrait Brighton Photographer 03

_1100543-Edit-2 _1100475-Edit

_1100037-Edit-2 busy brighton photographer portrait of Sicily 01 _1100616-Edit_1090862-Edit_1100535-Edit _1100534-Edit  _1100337-Edit     _1100187-Edit  _1100097-Edit  _1090949-EditDavid Myers is a busy Brighton photographer providing Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire with world-class portrait headshot photography for actors, business, coporate, musicians, singers, drama students, theatrical agents.

Brighton Headshot and Portrait Photographer working on location and in the studio.


Sussex Landscape Photography

I don’t normally photograph landscapes for clients (although as a professional photographer I make loads of shots when I am travelling!) but I was asked by a lovely couple to make a photo for them of a really special place in their hearts just outside Brighton, Sussex.

I spent quite a while making arty interesting shots of details and of odd angles but I wasn’t totally happy with any of them, and then just as the sun had set and I was heading off the beach I turned and saw the shot I really wanted. And this is it:


Brighton Landscape Photography – April Shower

Just met a client and on the way back via Ditchling Beacon I couldn’t resist a photo of this rain cloud. I have definitely got a thing for clouds. Sat there for a while with a large pack of Quavers…..

Rain Cloud over Ditchling - Brighton Susses Photographers

Some more Photos from Colombia

Thought I would share some of the photos from my recent Colombia trip. Colombia was an amazing country, with stupendous landscapes, wonderfully friendly people and fab food. And a huge armed police/army presence which definitely made you feel totally safe. Here is a small selection, with some other great photos on an earlier post.


Botero Sculpture in Medellin


Small Town Colombia


Candelaria district, Bogota


On the old road to Guane from Barichara


Christine trying to look cool on a great downhill bike


Medellin, Colombia


Typical landscape in Colombia

Brighton Seafront Photography

In between taking all the rubbish that Christine had managed to scrape out of the garden at the weekend to the dump, writing a client quote and (attempting to) design some new stationary I managed to snap this view of the seafront here in Brighton.

Just got to tell you though, those guys at the city dump are so strict – I almost had my hands machete-ed off when I tried to sneak a tiny cardboard box into the ‘General’ Rubbish’ container. Damn, why they spoil my fun, mama?

I used the remarkable itsy weensy tiny Lumix GH2 and 14-140 lens and apart from a little Lightroom stuff I did nothing special with this little fella here.


Colombia – from Brighton Photographer David Myers

I mentioned that I only just got back from a month in Colombia and thought I’d post a couple of photographs from the trip. I work as a photographer mainly in Brighton and Sussex but each year I like to travel somewhere for a few weeks and this year I chose Colombia. It has a bad reputation for kidnapping and murder but I found only lovely people, beautiful landscapes, great food and some great subjects for my photography.

Of course there were heavily armed militia on every street corner – one morning while we had a coffee and pastry at cafe in Medellin a private security guard stood next to us with a beautifully polished sawn-off shot-gun – so perhaps there is a level of risk in the country that was kept in check by the good-guys-with-da-guns….

I usually schlepp my Nikon D700 with me even for long distance cycling trips but for Colombia (and to be stealth like) the photos were taken with the lightweight (and incredible) Panasonic GH2 with either a 14-140, 25 or 14mm Lumix lens.

Medellin Colombia girl, from Brighton and Sussex Photographer

Medellin, Colombia

Colombia 2012, Bogota - David Myers Photographer Brighton Sussex


Guane 01, Colombia, Brighton Sussex headshot Photographer

Ancient walking route from Barichara to Guane

Guane 02, Colombia 2012 Brighton Sussex Photographer


_1040553 Bogota Colombia, Brighton Sussex Photographer headshots portraits weddings editorial

Bogota, Colombia 2012

Guane 03 Colombia 2012 - Brighton Sussex editorial photographer


Medellin Colombia 01 Brighton Sussex Photographer

Medellin, Colombia

615 Medellin Colombia, Brighton Sussex Photographer headshots portraits

Medellin Colombia 2012