France Cycling RnR

I decided to to take a break from being a photographer and so just spent the best part of June cycling through France with Christine, from the north coast at St Malo to Bergerac in the Dordogne – about 1200km of eating Goat’s cheese, bread and flies, and camping by rivers. Countless mosquito bites, coffees and beautiful countryside. It was fab to be away in the fresh air without always looking at my watch and rushing around, and getting some serious miles in my legs…..

Hey! And the French were lovely even though my French is more School-Infant than School-Boy.

I took my excellent little Lumix GH2 with the 14mm and 20 mm lenses – nice and light and great quality.

Now back in Brighton to tons of photography work the next couple of months with some great portraits, headshot work and commercial jobs booked in. Already my tan is fading!

France - best Brighton Sussex portrait headshots photographersAnother boring village in the dordogne

Christine cycling france brighton sussex headshot photographerWe visited our run-down shack in the forest

strawberrys france brighton sussex portrait headshot photographerWe picked wild Strawberrys at the roadside using Christine’s extra-long hand

David Myers France cycling Brighton spotlight headshot actor wedding photographersI practised breathing in and tightening my stomach muscles

cycling france Bergerac sign brighton best photographer commercial headshots sussexEr, thanks but no thanks! I’m quite happy with the one I’ve got….


Nikon D800 Review – Preview

d800-review-brighton-sussex-photographer-headshots-commercial-freelanceSo it’s almost here, the much awaited and talked about Nikon D800 (cue angels singing and flashes of lightening). So many forums and photographers have been literally wetting their pants over the release of this new camera from Nikon, and possibly for good reason. On paper it looks astonishing with 36 megapixels on a full-frame sensor and an iso range the same as the legendary D700.

Of course so few have actually done a full sweaty-hands-on real-life review of the camera yet, but knowing Nikon and using their professional equipment for many years now it seems unlikely that it will be anything but bloody brilliant. Now we all know (we do know this right?) that it’s not the camera but the photographer that makes a great image. I still have amazing shots I took with my first 35mm film camera – a basic Olympus OM1 (back when Julius Caesar was still just starting out as a salad chef and the Roman Empire was but a doodle on the back of an envelope) and also that there are rubbish amateurs who use £20,000 medium-format cameras to produce out-of-focus images of their dogs.

But still, ain’t technology amazing and as a pro I always want to see what the manufacturers are producing, and how that can influence the final product I give to clients.

So to the D800. Aside from the enormous mega-pixel count, which is three times their current D700 and an iso range of 100-25,000 there is also a new Exspeed 3 processor, 51 point AF system useable down to -2EV, full 1080 HD movie, larger LCD screen, a 25MP crop mode and so much more. And for the (actually quite reasonable) price of £2400.

At the moment I use D700 and D3s cameras, both of which have 12MP full-frame sensors. These cameras are a total joy to use and produce beautiful image-files, especially when used with my lovely pro lenses. The quality of the pixels is so good that it is no trouble to blow-up the final images to poster size and larger without any loss of quality. I have used the cameras for shoots in the Sudanese desert at 40 degrees, in Madagascan rainforests at 95% humidity, in studios with no heating and minus 10 degrees outside, and on Brighton Pier with slightly greasy fingers (good old fish and chips) and they have never once let me down.

So, I don’t need another camera but I am sorely tempted by this new D800 for studio and slow-paced work, especially when shooting portraits, headshots and fashion, where the D800 will possibly give even more dynamic range than the amazing cameras I already use.

Lets see when they finally hit the streets of Sussex and we start to see real-world tests, and then I’ll think about placing an order for one…..


Amanda Portrait session Brighton

I took this photo of Amanda Talbot a while ago in my Brighton photography studio. She wanted some photographs  as she was auditioning to be a judge on the Australian TV show called Australia’s Top Design. And best of all she only wanted slightly ‘odd’ photos to try and impress the production team. Hmmm, and she chose me…….This was one of the more ‘tame’ shots…..Amanda emailed me the other day to tell me she had got the job and the series had just being aired – well done gal!

_MYS6318 amanda talbot portrait brighton photographer headshot

Amanda Talbot -

Colombia – from Brighton Photographer David Myers

I mentioned that I only just got back from a month in Colombia and thought I’d post a couple of photographs from the trip. I work as a photographer mainly in Brighton and Sussex but each year I like to travel somewhere for a few weeks and this year I chose Colombia. It has a bad reputation for kidnapping and murder but I found only lovely people, beautiful landscapes, great food and some great subjects for my photography.

Of course there were heavily armed militia on every street corner – one morning while we had a coffee and pastry at cafe in Medellin a private security guard stood next to us with a beautifully polished sawn-off shot-gun – so perhaps there is a level of risk in the country that was kept in check by the good-guys-with-da-guns….

I usually schlepp my Nikon D700 with me even for long distance cycling trips but for Colombia (and to be stealth like) the photos were taken with the lightweight (and incredible) Panasonic GH2 with either a 14-140, 25 or 14mm Lumix lens.

Medellin Colombia girl, from Brighton and Sussex Photographer

Medellin, Colombia

Colombia 2012, Bogota - David Myers Photographer Brighton Sussex


Guane 01, Colombia, Brighton Sussex headshot Photographer

Ancient walking route from Barichara to Guane

Guane 02, Colombia 2012 Brighton Sussex Photographer


_1040553 Bogota Colombia, Brighton Sussex Photographer headshots portraits weddings editorial

Bogota, Colombia 2012

Guane 03 Colombia 2012 - Brighton Sussex editorial photographer


Medellin Colombia 01 Brighton Sussex Photographer

Medellin, Colombia

615 Medellin Colombia, Brighton Sussex Photographer headshots portraits

Medellin Colombia 2012

Welcome to the blog of Brighton, Sussex Photographer, David Myers

brighton sussex photographer colombia bogota

Hi, my name is David Myers and welcome to the first entry in my 2012 blog.

I will be talking about my day-to day work as a photographer in Brighton, Sussex, as well as reviewing photographic and camera equipment. I will also be chatting about anything that irritates, pleases or just baffles me.

Some of it will be serious and some will defo not be serious. Hey, and the photo above is of the big bad city of Bogota in Colombia where I just spent an incredible month….