Musical Theatre Actress Rosie Zeidler Headshots

I just love these new headshot portraits from my photoshoot of the lovely Rosie, who is a student of musical theatre, and I photographed her at her home near Brighton Sussex.

Rosie wanted a variety of headshot looks from her photoshoot, to help with her application to study drama and musical theatre at university. I set up a small location photographic studio inside, and we also braved the cold to get some photographs in the garden (with a nice bit of low winter sun helping us out a bit).

Rosie was totally professional, took brilliant directions and I’m sure she will love her career choice.

Here are just 4 from the photoshoot.

headshots-theatre-brighton-rosie03 headshots-theatre-brighton-rosie01 headshots-theatre-brighton-rosie04 headshots-theatre-brighton-rosie02I used the wonderful Nikon D800 with both 70-200 2.8 and 85 1.4 Nikon lenses.

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Brighton Headshot Portraits – Actor Inti Conde

Inti Conde is a young actor and singer, and he came into my Brighton photography studio last week to get his Spotlight headshot portraits updated.

Inti had just returned from a season singing in an Opera in France and wants to get more acting work, and he realises how important a decent professional Spotlight headshot is to get castings. He’s such a lovely guy and great in front of the camera, and I wish him all the best for what will be a great future in the business.

Here are three from the photo session.

Brighton Headshot portraits Photographer Inti Conde-01 Brighton Spotlight Headshot Portraits Inti Conde Sussex spotlight Headshot Portraits Inti CondeSpotlight headshot photography of the actor Inti Conde taken at the Brighton Portrait studio of the photographer David Myers.

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The Actress Stephanie Hazel Photography Brighton

I was contacted by the lovely Stephanie Hazel, a young and busy theatre actress and singer based in Lancing Sussex, who needed some updated portrait headshots for her agent and Spotlight. She particularly wanted a location look so we set up outside here in Brighton and with various reflectors and lights battled with a constantly changing light. One minute full sun, the next dark clouds…..

Stephanie was brilliant to work with and as these photos show, she has a really wide range and I’m sure she’ll get loads of work.

stephanie hazel actress sussex headshot photographers 01

stephanie hazel actress sussex headshot photographers 03

stephanie hazel actress sussex headshot photographers 04

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Nia Coleman Photography, Brighton Studio

Here are a few shots from an excellent photoshoot session in my Brighton studio yesterday with the soprano singer Nia Coleman. The totally delightful Nia is about to embark on a postgraduate degree in music (opera) and wanted some images to promote herself to agents, Spotlight and through her own website.

Nia was a brilliant person to work with and had loads of great ideas, and was totally professional. I’m sure she’ll go far.

nia coleman brighton headshot portrait photographer

nia coleman brighton headshot portrait photographer opera  singer

nc-0035wnia coleman brighton headshot portrait photographer opera 02

nia coleman brighton headshot portrait photographer opera 03

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Vintage Processed Headshot, Brighton, Sussex

Had a photoshoot postponed this afternoon due to the rain in Brighton (damn, now the sun’s out!) so I’m just idly experimenting with some ‘vintage-stylee’ looks for my portraits and headshots photography. Still a bit unsure … maybe I’ll come to my senses later.

Must be my befuddled brain due this sinusitis I’ve developed………


Chuck Palahniuk headshots Brighton, Sussex

I had the total pleasure to photograph the writer of Fight Club, Choke, Rant (amongst many others) the brilliant Chuck Palahniuk when he visited Brighton to give a talk.

As is often the case with celebrities he was on such a tight schedule to fit in loads of appearances in and so I was ready with my location studio, all set up and primed for him.

Even though he had no more than 3 minutes for the photography he was still charming and happy to indulge my suggestions for posing. What a nice, fun guy and really easy to photograph. Here’s just two from the session.





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Headshot Photography for Chichester based Rhiannon Heap

A brilliant few hours in my Brighton studio today with the upcoming actress Rhiannon Heap. Rhiannon is just finishing her studies and needed some new headshots for an exciting TV audition in London next week. Rhiannon is based in Chichester and I bet she goes far with a great personality and fun attitude.

As usual in the studio I photograph directly onto my computer so you can immediately see the photos on a big screen, and we can both decide how best to alter the posing, change the lighting or looks, and choose the best ones as we go. It’s the 21st Century way of doing things and I love it!

Here are just four from the final 6 shots we selected.

Rhiannon-Heap-Brighton_Chichester-headshot-photographers Rhiannon-Heap-Brighton_Chichester-headshot-photographyRhiannon-Heap-Brighton-Chichester-headshot-photography-04Rhiannon-Heap-Brighton_Chichester-headshot-photographers-studio

Once again I used my astonishing Nikon D3s with the ultra sharp 70-200 lens, and a variety of big Elinchrom studio lights.

Archie Steele Photo Headshot Brighton Studio Session

A good headshot session this morning in my Brighton studio with the aspiring teenage actor Archie Steele.

I’ve cropped these tighter for this blog posting but for Spotlight or for an agency I would leave the shot a little wider as is the norm in the UK (at least in the States the agencies realise how arty and intense a tighter crop can be).

Well done Archie, you took brilliant direction and you’ve come away with quite a variety of looks for your new agency.

as-0069 as-0186 as-0224

David Bowie Re-creation Portrait in Brighton

As a photographer in little-ole Brighton I get some fascinating requests. Recently I had to ‘recreate’ the look and feel of the photograph of David Bowie’s 1975 Album cover “Young Americans’ for the writer Jeremy Good as part of his publicity material for his new novel, using the writer as the model.

It was really interesting to be in the studio and work out the photographic lighting used back in 1975 by the original photographer Eric Stephen Jacobs (who apparently based his idea on Bowie’s choreographer, Toni Basil, when she was on the cover of the September 1974 issue of After Dark).

And so the inspiration continues …….


The writer Jeremy Good, photographed by David Myers Brighton 2012


Bowie’s ‘Young Americans’ by Eric Stephen Jacobs, 1975

And possibly the original inspiration


Toni Basil, After Dark Magazine 1974

Another headshot of Susan Gilmour Bailey – Brighton Photographers

Another photograph of the wonderful Canadian opera singer Susan Gilmour Bailey who came for her photography portrait session in my Brighton studio last week. Love this look she has here.

This shot was taken with my Nikon D3s and 70-200mm lens, as is pretty much all of my headshot photography. I used a nice little lighting set-up with four main studio flashes and various reflectors.

sgb-0014 Susan Gilmour Bailey Brighton Photographers