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So, do you want to be a working actor or what?
(Casting and Headshots Info)

As a headshot and casting photographer working in Brighton Sussex I’m often asked how important I think a good headshot is in getting professional work as an actor. Well unless you are already a well known name in the business then the actor’s casting headshot is ‘the single most important factor that will get you noticed by casting directors‘.

Whether it’s for Spotlight, to email or post to casting directors, or for your agent – this photograph has got to be good and current.

A good casting photo will get you into that important first round of auditions; a poor shot and you’ll be passed over without anyone even looking at what you done.

If you are serious about being an actor then why wouldn’t you invest in yourself. Nothing says ‘I’m not a professional’ more than a badly made photograph.

What is a good casting headshot?
Well it’s a shot that shows you as you are, your mid-range normal self. The casting director doesn’t care if you know how to grimace or look stern or smile; that’s what the auditions are for, and as an an actor they expect you can do all that!

But importantly into the mix we add some attitude, some drama, some brilliant lighting, a great composition and a photographer who knows exactly how to coach the very best look out of you.

What should you wear?
I would always suggest you bring a variety of tops, T-shirts, shirts, blouses etc. But nothing too fussy around the neck and not too patterned. A few light and a few dark tops, and I’ll choose what suits the photos best. The important thing is that you love what you’re wearing, and that you feel good and confident in it. It’s amazing how different you will look in different tops.

Your hair is a really important part of your look. Make sure you are happy with it before your photo session. If you are not happy with your hair then you probably won’t like your photos.

Hair Up?
Why not! But lets do those at the end of the session.

Come for your headshot session wearing whatever makeup you would normally wear.

Do you hate having your picture taken?
Most people really hate posing for stills – even some experienced professional actors can feel awkward in front of a camera unless they are acting. Well here is the good news – I will make your headshot session fun! And I will coach you into how to look good in front of the lens – hey that’s my job and that’s what I’m good at.


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David Myers is a professional headshot casting photographer based in Brighton Sussex and provides actors, actresses, presenters, musicians and entertainers with creative and original publicity photography. Throughout Sussex, Brighton, Hove, Chichester, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath. Working with new and emerging talent from Drama Schools, University Theatre courses, and agents in the UK