Colour or Black and White?

Headshots – Colour or Black and White??

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Two recent headshots in my Brighton photographic studio –
Which one looks more 21st century?

Whenever actors or actresses or corporate leaders book a headshot session with me they will invariably ask “what’s best, colour or black and white?”.

Well of course I shoot digitally so we have the option to convert to black and white later, and sometime I do, but that’s not the issue here. In my view, and the view of the majority of casting directors it is colour that is wanted. In the old days when photographers processed their prints in chemical darkrooms then BW was the norm, and for publications it was just the most economical way to get things printed.

But hey guys we are in the 21st century – colour is all around. Its no cheaper to get BW prints made instead of colour so why bother. There are some exceptions notable the Spotlight printed book is in BW, but otherwise these days casting directors want to see colour photos.

Its the modern way!

But (isn’t there always a but) I spent the first decade of being a professional photographer mainly working in Black and White, and occasionally still I will recommend to convert certain photographs to Black and White rather than colour, if it suits or helps the context and subject. Hey nothing is set in stone, is it!

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I’m based in beautiful Brighton Sussex and am happy to travel near and far to help you get the very best headshot possible.

Mark-Everest by David Myers Brighton headshot casting photographer

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David Myers is a professional headshot photographer in Brighton Sussex and photographs actors, actresses, entertainers, musicians for casting, publicity, and theatrical agents.

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