Headshot Photography for Chichester based Rhiannon Heap

A brilliant few hours in my Brighton studio today with the upcoming actress Rhiannon Heap. Rhiannon is just finishing her studies and needed some new headshots for an exciting TV audition in London next week. Rhiannon is based in Chichester and I bet she goes far with a great personality and fun attitude.

As usual in the studio I photograph directly onto my computer so you can immediately see the photos on a big screen, and we can both decide how best to alter the posing, change the lighting or looks, and choose the best ones as we go. It’s the 21st Century way of doing things and I love it!

Here are just four from the final 6 shots we selected.

Rhiannon-Heap-Brighton_Chichester-headshot-photographers Rhiannon-Heap-Brighton_Chichester-headshot-photographyRhiannon-Heap-Brighton-Chichester-headshot-photography-04Rhiannon-Heap-Brighton_Chichester-headshot-photographers-studio

Once again I used my astonishing Nikon D3s with the ultra sharp 70-200 lens, and a variety of big Elinchrom studio lights.