Mark Everest TV director – photoshoot Brighton

Have you seen the latest TV series of ‘Law and Order’? These shows are so well made and brilliant to watch –  and I also noticed that they are incredibly popular in the US as well. This is a portrait I took of the director, Mark Everest (he’s a huge Star Trek fan – not sure I could legally call him a Trekkie, though). We did some more formal shots but during our studio photography session in Brighton we also decided to do something a bit different. I took the portrait against a green-screen and dropped in the background and ‘world’ and stuff afterwards (they are all my shots). I also swapped his gun-hand for another one to make it more dramatic, and changed his head.

Mark has written and directed some amazing TV shows like Primeval, Torchwood, Space Race – what a talent and what a nice guy.

Mark Everest brighton Sussex Photographer

Mark Everest