Reservoir Dogs Style Corporate Portraits Photography Brighton

I was really happy to be asked to recreate the iconic Reservoir Dogs film poster photo for a Brighton based accountancy company for the ‘About US’ page for their new App.

Mark Carr and Co deal with the entertainment industry and so it seemed appropriate to make their profile image a bit more film-like. I had searched out a suitable gritty urban location for the photography that resembled the original Reservoir Dogs photograph and took some location lighting equipment to simulate the harsh sun as seen on the poster.

It was great fun as we tried to take a few steps in the centre of Brighton without being run-over by various cars and trucks, but Mark and his team were brilliant sports and we had a most amusing hour.

While we were there Mark Carr wanted to try a couple of other shots and so just for fun at the end of the photoshoot we recreated the famous ‘gun to gun’ image (using mobile phones) and a kind-of Usual Suspects line-up.

marrk Carr Brighton Photography

Brighton Photographers Mark Carr 002

Brighton HEadshot Photographers Mark carr

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