Musical Theatre Actress Rosie Zeidler Headshots

I just love these new headshot portraits from my photoshoot of the lovely Rosie, who is a student of musical theatre, and I photographed her at her home near Brighton Sussex.

Rosie wanted a variety of headshot looks from her photoshoot, to help with her application to study drama and musical theatre at university. I set up a small location photographic studio inside, and we also braved the cold to get some photographs in the garden (with a nice bit of low winter sun helping us out a bit).

Rosie was totally professional, took brilliant directions and I’m sure she will love her career choice.

Here are just 4 from the photoshoot.

headshots-theatre-brighton-rosie03 headshots-theatre-brighton-rosie01 headshots-theatre-brighton-rosie04 headshots-theatre-brighton-rosie02I used the wonderful Nikon D800 with both 70-200 2.8 and 85 1.4 Nikon lenses.

David Myers is a professional headshot and portrait photographer in Brighton Sussex and the south of England. He works with young actors and actresses providing industry beating headshots for PR, Spotlight, Casting Call, theatre agents, casting directors, programmes, brochures, posters.

David Myers photography works with businesses and companies to promote their work using profession corporate portrait photography.

The most professional solution for portrait headshot photography in Brighton, Sussex, Hove, Eastbourne, Worthing, Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, Guildford, Tunbridge Wells, Surrey.

Drama and Theatre Students – Big Discounts on Headshots

As a Brighton photographer I am a huge believer in improving the standards of headshot and portrait photography provided to Spotlight, agents and casting directors. I know most students have real problems finding the money to get a professional headshot but c’mon guys this is your future you are investing in here!

Sian by Brighton headshot and casting photographers David Myers

You wouldn’t think twice about spending decent money on a guitar or an amp or a violin if you studied music? Fender Telecaster – £800 anyone? £1500? Anyway – up to the end of September 2013 I am offering Drama and Theatre-studies Students big discounts on my usual headshot photoshoot prices so you can experience how it is to get a professional photographer to photograph you.

As long as you can show some proof of theatre/drama studies you can have my usual headshot sessions, with all my hints and tips on how to engage with the camera, together with 5 fully retouched images as digital files for the astonishingly delectable price of £105 (normally the price starts at £165). If there are 2 of you for the same session then it’s a crazy £80 each. 3 of you then its £70 each. I might add a little-biddy petrol cost onto the price if I’m travelling out of the Brighton/Hove area.


We can shoot in the studio or on location and you’ll get 5 professional headshots for Spotlight, casting directors, agents. All given at full resolution for printing and a smaller web-ready size for emailing, Facebook etc.

I’m expecting a bit of a rush on this offer so I apologise in advance if I can’t fit you in.


David Myers is Brighton and Sussex’s foremost headshot photographer for the entertainment world, actors and actresses, musicians, singers and drama students. He’s a nice funny guy, could do with losing a couple of kilos, but he knows everything about bringing out the very best of you on camera to help promote your career.

Lessons in Photography – Miley Cyrus

Entertainment photographer brighton sussex miley cyrus 01

I’ve worked as a photographer for many years (portraits, headshots, entertainment) but I still learn stuff; unfortunately sometimes I learn stuff ‘The Hard Way’, and this is a lesson I learned not so long ago.

I was commissioned to be the unit stills photographer for the filming of Miley Cyrus performing as Hannah Montana at a theatre in London. I had arrived early on the train from Brighton, searched out the best locations and positions to photograph from, and got some general photos of the set, the film crews working, the stage and lighting etc, before the performance started.

set photographer entertainment sussex brighton

I then nipped outside to photograph the front of the theatre with the giant neon ‘Hannah Montana Live’ sign. Unfortunately there were some tourists stood in front of the theatre and kinda spoiling my shot – two teenage girls and their mother. They were mucking around doing funny poses and larking about while the mother took some photos with her phone. I just stood and waiting till they left and then took a photo of the theatre and sign with no people on it.

Back inside they were setting up for the sound and light check and who came on stage but one of the teenage girls who’d been larking about outside – Miley Cyrus. Of course I had never seen here before and had no idea what she looked like. Stupid me!

Entertainment photographer brighton sussex miley cyrus 02

The lesson – do your research beforehand. No matter what the job is you must research it, so you can at the VERY LEAST recognise the person who you will be photographing – and especially if they are a celebrity, a musician, a singer, an actor – someone who as an entertainment photographer, you or I should be aware of!

Afterwards the company who had commissioned me asked if I had any good ‘candid’ shots of Miley, perhaps goofing around………Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Koko theatre brighton entertainment photographer


David Myers is a professional people photographer from Brighton photographing headshots for actors, actresses, singers, musicians and the entertainment business and working throughout Sussex, Kent, Hove, Worthing, Eastbourne, Burgess Hill, Surrey, Haywards Heath, Guildford. He works with theatre and drama students and provides photography that casting directors and agents want. He works on location or in the studio.



The Actress Stephanie Hazel Photography Brighton

I was contacted by the lovely Stephanie Hazel, a young and busy theatre actress and singer based in Lancing Sussex, who needed some updated portrait headshots for her agent and Spotlight. She particularly wanted a location look so we set up outside here in Brighton and with various reflectors and lights battled with a constantly changing light. One minute full sun, the next dark clouds…..

Stephanie was brilliant to work with and as these photos show, she has a really wide range and I’m sure she’ll get loads of work.

stephanie hazel actress sussex headshot photographers 01

stephanie hazel actress sussex headshot photographers 03

stephanie hazel actress sussex headshot photographers 04

Brighton’s finest people photographer specialising in portraits headshots for the entertainment industries, actors, agents, casting directors, musicians and artists, for Spotlight, PR, magazines, theatre programmes. David Myers works on location throughout Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, Guildford, Burgess Hill, Eastbourne, Brighton, Hove.

Spotlight Headshots Photography – Sian Hutchinson Brighton

Photographed the lovely and funny Sian Hutchinson in Brighton yesterday.

She is a successful comedy actress and scriptwriter and wants to make the move into doing more serious acting parts and so asked me to make a series of photos for her agent and her Spotlight page.

As usual with my Spotlight photography clients I provided her with 3 fully processed and retouched final images in both colour and Black-White, and in both a high-res size for print and low-res size ready to upload directly to Spotlight website.

She was a complete natural and has great range and I’m sure she’ll do well.

Nikon D3s with the 70-200 2.8 lens.

sian hutchinson brighton actor spotlight photography photographers

sian hutchinson brighton actor actress headshot spotlight photographers-01

sian hutchinson brighton sussex actor actress headshot spotlight photographers-02sian brighton actor headshot spotlight photographers-04


Photo Headshot | Actress Laura Dunn Brighton

The delightful Laura asked me to shoot her portfolio headshot photos yesterday and so we headed out of the April showers into the studio. Many years ago when I started out as a photographer I really loved doing headshot portraits for actors and musicians and all these long years later I kinda still find it one of my favourite photo jobs.

Laura’s beautiful face really suited using my giant Octa-box and I used a telephoto lens to concentrate on her stunning eyes.

Laura Dunn Headshot portrait Brighton Photographers Sussex