Portrait Headshots of Designer Leanna Williams

Leanna Williams is a lingerie designer working just outside Brighton, Sussex and has developed a new luxury range for her own company (harlowandfox.co.uk). She asked me to provide a variety of PR images and so I visited her in her beautiful home and studio for the photoshoot.

Leanna was lovely to work with and her designs are absolutely wonderful. I decided on a subtle toning for the final images which was achieved with a combination of lighting at the photo-session and also in post-processing back at my studio.

As always I used my brilliant Nikon D3s with (in these two photos) the 85 1.4 or the 24-70 2.8. Both amazing lenses.

Here are a couple of my faves from the shoot.

brighton headshot photographer leanna williams

Brighton Photographer Portrait Leanna Williams 02


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Brighton Photographer Business Portraits – David Biddle CEO

Business and corporate portrait photography doesn’t sound like it should be the most exciting of jobs to do as a Brighton photographer but I love meeting new people (it’s one of the reasons that people photography is my favourite kind of work) and yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of meeting David Biddle who is the new CEO of CRI (UK’s leading health and social care charity). David needed a quick series of portrait headshots for a press release the next day so I set up a compact 2 light location studio at their offices here in the centre of Brighton and we were done and dusted within 15 minutes.

A big thanks to his brilliant executive assistant, Polly.






Nikon D3s, 70-200 2.8, Elinchrom Quadra in a mini Octa, SB800 and snoot, Phottix Odin controllers.

Brighton photographer David Myers specialisies in people photography for business, corporate, entertainment, music, actors headshots, drama and theatre students around Sussex, Surrey, Kent. Working either on location on in the studio, David is Brighton and Sussex’s most experienced and well respected photographer.

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Black and White Portrait Photography Brighton

I really like the look of this close-up headshot from my recent photoshoot with Nick Price.

Before going fully digital in 2005 I processed all my Black and White prints using a huge variety of papers I’d collected for donkey’s years. The look here reminds me of prints I used to get with Agfa’s Portriga Rapid, a warm toned chlorobromide paper that was eventually replaced due to the high level of noxious elements.

I actually still have some of this paper left, but sadly no darkroom.


Arts Foundation 2013 Awards Photos

Last night I had the pleasure to photograph the 2013 awards ceremony for the Arts Foundation which encourages emerging important artists in various fields.

The ceremony was presented by Antony Gormley (famous for amongst other things, the Angel of The North) and was at the amazing offices of the world famous advertising agency Pentagram  in Notting Hill, London.

I love being a photographer in Brighton but sometimes London is so definitely The Place where it ‘happens’!

Here are a few random shots.

Brighton Sussex Photographer Arts Foundation Awards 2013 03

Winner ‘Still Life Photography’ E. Ivanissevich

Brighton Sussex Photographer Antony Gormley

Antony Gormley

Brighton Sussex Photographer Antony Gormley

Antony Gormley and Chloe Lamford, Winner Design for Performance

_MRS6840 Brighton Sussex Photographer Arts Foundation Awards 2013 Brighton Sussex Photographer Arts Foundation Awards 2013 01 Brighton Sussex Photographer Arts Foundation Awards 2013 02


Portraits of Lebenshilfe Wekstatt, Munich

The Lebenshilfe Wekstatt in Munich is a workplace for mentally disadvantaged people from 18 years old. It provides meaningful work from all levels depending on their abilities and in an amazing supportive atmosphere. About 400 people are employed there, and will stay there till they retire. Its not residential and they will either live with their parents or a sheltered accommodation or with carers.

I was delighted to be asked to provide portraits for their new website which is now online.

The people there were so charming and welcoming and it was truly one of the most rewarding jobs I have done in a long time.

Click to see their website


Elle Decoration Photoshoot

Photographed the amazing ceramic artist Jo Davda recently for Elle Decoration, and just noticed it is now in the latest May edition. This was perhaps the second most dusty shoot of my life – every time I put a piece of photography equipment down it got covered in ultra fine ceramic dust…..



Nikon 16-35 f4 Lens Review

Nikon-16-35-review-brighton-sussex-photographersFor you lazy readers – buy it now! For everyone else read on….

I’ve been using this lens for over a year now for a huge variety of jobs; architecture, portraits, events, reportage, Sussex weddings, interiors, studio portraits and think I have a fairly good feel for its abilities and qualities.

Initially I was looking at the 17-35 f 2.8, which is a lovely solid professional lens. Then I did a side-by-side comparison in my local shop in Brighton with the 16-35 and unfortunately the 17-35 is just too soft at the edges compared to the ultra sharp 16-35.

Okay, so you lose a stop but you gain VR (which works brilliantly) and amazingly the wide end of 16mm does give you a noticeable wider view than the 17mm (duh, was that obvious to everyone but me?). It also is dust and moisture sealed, and has really nice rubber grips.

I find the focus to be as fast as an Alligator’s jaws when presented with a roast Turkey and all the trimmings. And silent. And sharp; pretty much from edge to edge, especially if you stop down to f5.6 or smaller. Although the centre is sharp from f4 onwards.

But not everything is Peter-Perfect with the lens. The body seems to be made of a pro-quality polycarbonate, which will probably still be good when the next lot of dinosaurs roam the Earth but it does feel kinda lightweight (good for weight, not so good for that feeling of heft-in-the-hand), Also there is dreadful barrel distortion at 16mm although this is easily fixed in Lightroom with a click of a button.

As a professional do I like this lens? Absolutely! I pretty much always chuck it in my bag and quite often use it. I love the fact that 16mm is so damn wiiiiiide, and that I can hand-hold it easily at 1/8 sec with VR. The 35mm end is useful for so many things – I shot an entire portrait event two weeks ago with this lens and was really impressed with the results. Actually, it has taken over from the 24-70 f2.8 as the lens I use for events when I have the 70-200 VR2 on my other body.

It’s not cheap, but then it is totally a professional lens with just a slight hint of its prosumer origins.

Here is a shot I took for a Sky One production from a crane 60 metres above London and cropped to form a pano. 16mm f6.7

dusty-gedge-nikon-16-35-brighton-photographersAnd an image for an event recently. 35mm f4 – lovely distant out-of-focus bokeh



Mark Everest TV director – photoshoot Brighton

Have you seen the latest TV series of ‘Law and Order’? These shows are so well made and brilliant to watch –  and I also noticed that they are incredibly popular in the US as well. This is a portrait I took of the director, Mark Everest (he’s a huge Star Trek fan – not sure I could legally call him a Trekkie, though). We did some more formal shots but during our studio photography session in Brighton we also decided to do something a bit different. I took the portrait against a green-screen and dropped in the background and ‘world’ and stuff afterwards (they are all my shots). I also swapped his gun-hand for another one to make it more dramatic, and changed his head.

Mark has written and directed some amazing TV shows like Primeval, Torchwood, Space Race – what a talent and what a nice guy.

Mark Everest brighton Sussex Photographer

Mark Everest