A 41 sec film from Sicily

Just back from working and holidaying in Sicily (see further down for some Black and White images) and – okay so this is a rubbish video as I’m a Brighton photographer not a travel videographer – but I was just walking down this street in Palermo, Sicily and there was some Catholic festival happening and I pushed ‘record’. And for me its the music! This is just what I’d imagined Sicily to be about……

Its only 41 seconds but wait for the band to start playing after the clapping …..


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Portrait of Sicily Photography

A few days away from being a busy Brighton photographer to work as a photographer in Sicily (part of a ‘Portrait Of Sicily’ campaign). I managed to grab a day here and there to do some hiking, see the old towns, swim in the sea (it was 30 degrees still!) and eat some amazing food. A week of part work – part holiday.

Sicily is a beautiful and fascinating island full of life and history and brilliant photography opportunities. And not to mention the whole food and wine fest!

More about the photos from the job at a later date when they are published but here are some personal images taken during the last few days.

Sicily Portrait Brighton Photographer 01

Sicily Portrait Brighton Photographer 02

Sicily Portrait Brighton Photographer 03

_1100543-Edit-2 _1100475-Edit

_1100037-Edit-2 busy brighton photographer portrait of Sicily 01 _1100616-Edit_1090862-Edit_1100535-Edit _1100534-Edit  _1100337-Edit     _1100187-Edit  _1100097-Edit  _1090949-EditDavid Myers is a busy Brighton photographer providing Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire with world-class portrait headshot photography for actors, business, coporate, musicians, singers, drama students, theatrical agents.

Brighton Headshot and Portrait Photographer working on location and in the studio.