Brighton Headshot Portraits – Actor Inti Conde

Inti Conde is a young actor and singer, and he came into my Brighton photography studio last week to get his Spotlight headshot portraits updated.

Inti had just returned from a season singing in an Opera in France and wants to get more acting work, and he realises how important a decent professional Spotlight headshot is to get castings. He’s such a lovely guy and great in front of the camera, and I wish him all the best for what will be a great future in the business.

Here are three from the photo session.

Brighton Headshot portraits Photographer Inti Conde-01 Brighton Spotlight Headshot Portraits Inti Conde Sussex spotlight Headshot Portraits Inti CondeSpotlight headshot photography of the actor Inti Conde taken at the Brighton Portrait studio of the photographer David Myers.

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Business Headshot Portraits of Cathy Glass

It’s been a mad mad couple of weeks here in Brighton with headshot portraits, actor’s headshots and business portraits, some in the studio and some on location.

Cathy is a director of the international consulting company Axialent and came into the studio for a new set of headshot portraits for their website, brochures and PR material.

Cathy was so totally lovely to photograph – here are a couple from the photography session.

cathy glass business headshot portraits brighton business portraits headshot cathy glass Brighton

David Myers Photography specialises in providing business, companies, corporations and individuals with world-class professional portrait headshot photography to promote their businesses through new media, print, web and marketing.

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American Express Corporate Headshot Portraits

As a photographer I love the challenge of making headshot portraits for high-end businesses and big companies. I often find the people I meet really impress me with their charm and warm welcomes, and so it was with American Express when they commissioned me to photograph some of their top people in their Brighton HQ.

It’s always a challenge to set up a portable studio in a meeting room as you never know how large or (usually) how small these rooms are; full of tables and chairs and white boards etc. But the lovely people at American Express found me a huge beautiful room in which to set up my location photographic studio. Actually their new offices are sensational.

With slots of 10-15 minutes per person the photographer is always going to be up against the time, but in this case my ‘models’ were just so lovely, professional and easy going. Here are my favourite shots of Keith, Vanessa, Vanessa and Adrian

headshot portraits brighton american express

As usual I used my amazing Nikon D3s with the Nikon 70-200 2.8 lens and a variety of portable flashes such as the Elinchrom Quadra and Nikon SB800s.

All the shots were processed in Lightroom 5 and retouched in Photoshop CS5.

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Colin Bell by Brighton Portrait Photographer

Colin Bell has a new novel published in a few weeks and got in touch to have a new set of publicity headshot portraits.

I set up a small studio in his delightful Lewes home and we made some memorable and atmospheric images. Colin was brilliant in front of the camera as can be seen by this image below.

Colin’s novel is titled ‘Stephen Dearsley’s Summer of Love’ and will be published by Ward Wood. And btw – Colin’s blog is a fascinating place to spend some time too (

Here’s my favourite from the photoshoot, looking not unlike he should be starring in some Scandanavian TV crime series.

brighton portrait colin bell writer headshot photographers.


David Myers is Brighton and Sussex’s favourite and (some would say) best headshot portrait photographer working with writers, authors, actors and musicians.

Drama and Theatre Students – Big Discounts on Headshots

As a Brighton photographer I am a huge believer in improving the standards of headshot and portrait photography provided to Spotlight, agents and casting directors. I know most students have real problems finding the money to get a professional headshot but c’mon guys this is your future you are investing in here!

Sian by Brighton headshot and casting photographers David Myers

You wouldn’t think twice about spending decent money on a guitar or an amp or a violin if you studied music? Fender Telecaster – £800 anyone? £1500? Anyway – up to the end of September 2013 I am offering Drama and Theatre-studies Students big discounts on my usual headshot photoshoot prices so you can experience how it is to get a professional photographer to photograph you.

As long as you can show some proof of theatre/drama studies you can have my usual headshot sessions, with all my hints and tips on how to engage with the camera, together with 5 fully retouched images as digital files for the astonishingly delectable price of £105 (normally the price starts at £165). If there are 2 of you for the same session then it’s a crazy £80 each. 3 of you then its £70 each. I might add a little-biddy petrol cost onto the price if I’m travelling out of the Brighton/Hove area.


We can shoot in the studio or on location and you’ll get 5 professional headshots for Spotlight, casting directors, agents. All given at full resolution for printing and a smaller web-ready size for emailing, Facebook etc.

I’m expecting a bit of a rush on this offer so I apologise in advance if I can’t fit you in.


David Myers is Brighton and Sussex’s foremost headshot photographer for the entertainment world, actors and actresses, musicians, singers and drama students. He’s a nice funny guy, could do with losing a couple of kilos, but he knows everything about bringing out the very best of you on camera to help promote your career.

The Wave Pictures

I love this song but I’m not sure why!

Perhaps is the cool guitars.

Or the line ‘I have unattractive nurses in my dreams’

Or just the fact that it’s totally brilliant!



Renown Brighton photographer David Myers photographs people like actors, musicians, singers, business leaders and gorgeous gaudy gingster eating girls. Working throughout Sussex, Brighton, Surrey, Guildford, Burgess Hill, Eastbourne and all points south of London. This amusing and not terribly overweight Jewish photographer uses both his Brighton photography studio and location lighting to produce amazing images for his clients.

Nia Coleman Photography, Brighton Studio

Here are a few shots from an excellent photoshoot session in my Brighton studio yesterday with the soprano singer Nia Coleman. The totally delightful Nia is about to embark on a postgraduate degree in music (opera) and wanted some images to promote herself to agents, Spotlight and through her own website.

Nia was a brilliant person to work with and had loads of great ideas, and was totally professional. I’m sure she’ll go far.

nia coleman brighton headshot portrait photographer

nia coleman brighton headshot portrait photographer opera  singer

nc-0035wnia coleman brighton headshot portrait photographer opera 02

nia coleman brighton headshot portrait photographer opera 03

David Myers Photography is Brighton’s top studio for headshots for Spotlight and actors directories. Working with singers, musicians, theatre agents, drama school throughout Sussex and Surrey


Headshot Photography for Chichester based Rhiannon Heap

A brilliant few hours in my Brighton studio today with the upcoming actress Rhiannon Heap. Rhiannon is just finishing her studies and needed some new headshots for an exciting TV audition in London next week. Rhiannon is based in Chichester and I bet she goes far with a great personality and fun attitude.

As usual in the studio I photograph directly onto my computer so you can immediately see the photos on a big screen, and we can both decide how best to alter the posing, change the lighting or looks, and choose the best ones as we go. It’s the 21st Century way of doing things and I love it!

Here are just four from the final 6 shots we selected.

Rhiannon-Heap-Brighton_Chichester-headshot-photographers Rhiannon-Heap-Brighton_Chichester-headshot-photographyRhiannon-Heap-Brighton-Chichester-headshot-photography-04Rhiannon-Heap-Brighton_Chichester-headshot-photographers-studio

Once again I used my astonishing Nikon D3s with the ultra sharp 70-200 lens, and a variety of big Elinchrom studio lights.

Grace – new headshot photography Brighton Sussex

I photographed the lovely Grace Thompson at my Brighton photo studio this week. Grace wanted some headshots to promote her acting career and send to agents – and also just some great photos of herself (and why not!).

This was Grace’s first photoshoot and after a little coaching from me she did brilliantly in front of my camera.


grace-photographer-brighton-sussex-headshots-actor-02Brighto photographer headshots portraits grace 03


Louise – Headshot Photography Brighton

After a little winter break in India your superhero Brighton Photographer is now frantically catching up with all the headshot, portrait, actors and business professionals who patiently waited for my to return from swanning about on my bike.

Here’s two shots of the delightful Louise who I photographed this weekend in my Brighton studio. Louise needed a portrait for the website of her new employers, and also just wanted some great headshots of herself.

Louise was brilliant – she confessed to hating having her photograph taken (and hadn’t for years) yet with some gentle coaching and a bit of professional skill we got some truly excellent photos.

Louise-Brighton-Sussex-photographer-headshot-portrait-2013louise-b-Brighton photographer portraits-business