Talking of Old Technology

Just thought I would share one of my dusty shelves at home. What a terrible shame that these beautiful cameras just lie unused …… I carried these two on my first ‘proper’ job in India way back in 1985. I was pretty much just a kid on my own on holiday for a couple of months, hanging around and having fun, but managed to pay for the trip with the photos I sold later.

Here are 4 that sold well and are now hanging on my stairs. These are just scans of the prints and so not brilliantly shown here.

india4-brighton-sussex-photographer-headshots-commercialAnd one of my favourites from the 80s, a shot from Blackpool on one of my visits from my ‘home-town’ of Liverpool.


DAV9879-rolleiflex-sussex-brighton-photographerFor the uninitiated above is a Rollieflex Twin Lens Reflex and an Olympus OM1n.


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