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Jay, who is a young aspiring actor based in Haywards Heath Sussex, called me with an urgent request to make an actors headshot for a film casting that he wanted to attend 3 days later, and wondered if I could fit him into a photo session here in my Brighton studio.

Unfortunately the studio was completely booked out with other clients and I suggested we do his last-minute actors headshot outdoors. Of course on the day that we’d arranged it was freezing cold, heavy showers and blowing a mini-gale.

Jay wasn’t put-out and neither was I – so I suggested he come along to my house as I sometimes shoot actors headshots in my garden with reflectors and lights and thought we could sit out the rain hoping we might get lucky with a break in the weather and jump outside. I did this because Jay was really keen to get his shots done quickly, and I was happy to oblige.

Hey and we got lucky with the rain – with clever use of location equipment we managed to make some brilliant warm, sunny photos of Jay for his casting, even though it was actually dull and miserable and cold.

I’m such a huge believer in remaining positive and never giving up and this was so true for Jay’s photoshoot.

Here are two from the hour we had together – Jay was brilliant to work with (I loved the way he followed directions and could go from ‘intense stare” to ‘glowing-smile’ in the blink of an eye), and I wish him all the best in his career.

Jay Waylett by Spotlight Brighton Photographer David Myers

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