David Myers is the leading Brighton Headshot Photographer for actors, theatre and drama students, presenters, media professionals, and corporate clients and works out of his studio in the centre of Brighton, Sussex.

Headshot Prices 2024:

£250 including 3 fully retouched images

Under 16s – £170 including 3 fully retouched images

Under 10s – £140 including 3 fully retouched images

Extra retouched images £30 each

Makeup and Hair £115

Also available 3 hour full portfolio photoshoot for actors to include wide range of headshots, full/half body shots – see here



For actors, the ‘headshot’ that appears in Spotlight, Mandy, Starnow, IMDB, Universal, on your agent’s website, or is sent to industry professionals is THE most important part of your self-promotion – it’s your calling card and your brand and obviously has to be as good as possible! My headshot session with you will create a set of images that will grab the attention of media professionals and push your career forwards.

We will work together using your expressions and creativity, and as your headshot photographer I will direct and coach you towards a captivating, compelling, characterful, powerful headshot that really portrays your casting-type.

How Important is a Good Professional Headshot?

Unless you are regularly appearing on TV, the stage, or in films then your headshot is without question the single most important aspect of getting yourself noticed and getting in front of casting directors.

How Long is the Session?
The headshot photography session normally last around 60-90 mins, but actually with no real fixed time. The most important thing is that we get the shots that are going to get you noticed, make you look amazing, and get you work. But hey, we’re going to have fun, shoot the breeze, lark around and all the time getting spontaneous, compelling shot. You’ll get loads of time for changing tops, hair, makeup, and even trimming or shaving your beard.

Makeup and Hair Artist
Seeing a hair/makeup artist before the session does make an huge difference to the look of the shots especially if you are not confident to do this yourself. My MUA is very experienced in providing makeup/hair for photoshoots and the additional cost would be £115.

Studio or Location?
The photoshoot will be in my large central Brighton photography studio – around 80 sqm – with a variety of studio lights and also natural light from the large windows, so as to give a variety of looks. The studio is under 6 minutes walk from Brighton station and there’s lots of nearby parking.

Headshot Coaching, tips and more
As your professional headshot photographer I will coach you throughout your headshot photoshoot into getting the very best look for your photo. I will spend time before the session, and as the session progresses showing you how to pose for the camera. The right pose, look, slight turn of the head – can make such a dramatic difference to a photograph. I will show you how to make the smile genuine, the glare more serious, the light-hearted glance more easy-going and attractive. It’s so important that every headshot you send out has attitude, character, personality and sets you apart from the others. Seriously, your headshot needs to shine above the competition – with a casting director looking at a screen full of images then yours needs to be as good as it gets.

Your Casting Type
Before the photoshoot it’s really important to think about your casting type/s. Be realistic in working how how you’ve been cast in the past or how you think you might be cast. I’m not saying to limit yourself but it’s great to have a grounding in some character types that will work for you, and during the shoot we will also explore new types and push your boundaries. Practice these characters beforehand – you wouldn’t in a million years attend a casting without having done some research into the part and worked on your character, so do the same with the headshot photoshoot. 

“I have seen headshots from numerous photographers and without doubt David Myers is one of the best. My only regret is that I didn’t discover him years ago. I cannot recommend him more highly”. Francesca Green (actor’s agent)

Different Looks
I would always suggest to bring a variety of tops with you so that we can take a few different looks. I don’t put a limit onto how many changes you make during the session but normally 6-8 changes are enough. It’s amazing how differently you’ll photograph depending on different tops. Some dark tops, some lights tops, nothing too patterned and some with different necklines – particularly higher necklines. Warm earthy tones are wonderful and interesting, especially if the colour has some vibrancy. A jacket or coat is good, as is a hoodie to get different looks from casual to urban to gritty to soft. If you want to be sent for castings for ‘period’ pieces then bring along something with a neckline that could hint at that – like lace or classic elegance. When you bring your clothes with I would suggest you carry them in a suit/dress bag to keep them un-creased – this goes for t-shirts as well. If you need shots for ‘extra’ work for sites like Casting Collective or Uni-versal then you’ll also need a full length smart and casual set of clothes.

How many Shots during the session?
During the photoshoot I will just take as many shots as I need, and this can be 150, 300, 500 or more shots. As the photoshoot progresses we will constantly review the images on my computer and start to get an idea of what you are after, and also what I think (as your professional photographer) looks good for you. I shoot directly onto my computer so the images are large enough to review properly and to make sure that they’re exactly what you want.

After your headshot photoshoot I will sort through the shots and remove the ones that aren’t up to scratch, and place the rest on a personal web-gallery (unedited), which will remain online for 12 months. This means you’ll be able to choose more shots to be edited/retouched at a later date. Please backup your images, as after 12 months they will no longer be available.

How many final shots?
The number of final shots you take depends on what you need them for, but (for example) for Spotlight, agents or Mandy I would recommend around 3-6 final images. For Casting Collective, Uni-versal or other ‘supporting artist’ websites then 3 is often enough. I will give you them sized ready for printing and also at online resolution which are ready to email to casting directors, agents, drama schools, or to upload to your Spotlight, Mandy, or Starnow page.

All of the final images I give you will be retouched. I generally remove any temporary visitors (zits) and stray hairs and lint, and ease away ‘late-night’ red eyes. I’m not going to make you look like a different person but I will make you look like you – on a really good day! The last thing that casting directors want is to choose someone for an audition from their headshot photo, but then you arrive looking totally different. You will get a print resolution and an online resolution version of each shot (resized and ready to email to casting directors, agents, drama schools, or to upload to your Spotlight, Mandy, IMBD, Uni-versal, or Starnow page).

Do I get all the unedited shots
Sorry no. Photographers do not want unedited shots out there, as they are not representative of their finished work, like asking a chef to just give you the raw ingredients to a dish.

Can I Bring a Friend or my Mum?
Unless you are a junior (and need a chaperone) then generally I would say pref not. The whole vibe will change and even though they may be your best friend you will definitely feel more inhibited. They are more than welcome to arrive with you and chat then go get a coffee or wander around town till we are finished.

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